Horse Training

Program & Philosophy

Juan believes that the best way to start working with any horse is learning about his natural behavior. He starts on the ground before he moves on to riding as soon as the horse is ready. He designs a special program to fit each horse’s individual needs.

For Juan it is very important to make the owner part of the whole training process. Juan always takes the owner and his or her goals into account and helps them develop a relationship with their horse. Owners are always encouraged to come by and watch their horse’s progress and to work with their horse themselves under Juan’s guidance.

Juan specializes in

Colt Starting

The first steps are the most important part in the training of the horse. We should never be in a hurry when working with a colt and only move on to the next level when the horse is ready.

Problem Solving

The techniques used for working with problem horses are all based on common sense and proper judgment.→ We have to evaluate the horse’s and the rider’s problems thoroughly in order to find a solution based on knowing the horse’s nature and its way of learning.


Fees for horse training are $ 800/month (includes boarding).

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Horse Training

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